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Realty Brands™ is are the local brand building resource for the busy REALTOR®. They act as the marketing arm of real estate businesses by creating brands, custom websites, industry tools, and easy-to-use management tools.

The Challenge

The Realty Brands™ team was building a custom branding, web-app, and proprietary tool offerings for the real estate industry. Seeing a gap in quality, hyper-local provisions, their team desired to develop a resource that could be rolled out in any large, local market to make maximum impact. The challenge was developing a proprietary system and combine existing ideas in the real estate industry into a optimized, central, affordable tool.

Our team aided with envisioning and creating a custom web-app platform built upon strong identity. We helped with the creation of an identity and supportive visual content (e.g. videos, etc.). From there, we helped build an admin panel to allow their team to manage each REALTOR® site with ease. In addition, we helped to develop the proprietary tools (e.g. Listings Brochure Builder™) and custom backend platform they offer each custom website they build.

Brand Mark: The Foundation of this House

We helped the Realty Brands™ team develop an identity to build upon. The foundation of this house is this clear, distinct, and professional brand mark. The use of negative space was a reminder of defining the real estate industry through simplicity. The bold colors help to bring power and speed as the time-saving, unique provider of branding, web, and marketing tools serves REALTORS®.

A Custom Web-App Platform

We aided their team in creating a backend that allows for infinite websites to be developed upon the platform. Mass updates can be pushed, helping them to intuitively and easily manage all of their customers from a simple, RB Admin tool. We helped consult on their development of an ultra-easy website editing tool, an simplified industry CRM, API integration into their local MLS, and more.

Simplified Industry CRM

We helped to establish a simplified CRM customized for the real estate industry. This intuitive, non-clutter system is integrated into the front end of the website for lead capturing and client portfolio management.

Spark API Integration

Connecting with the brand new Spark Platform API, we aided the team by providing API integration for the local and regional MLS. Accessing the Multiple Listings Service (MLS) with a branded front-end website was extremely complicated, bulky, unreliable, and down right stone age. Spark’s recent release of their new API changes the ball game and we helped their team to be one of the first in their region to offer it to REALTORS® and Brokerages, alike. View more on Spark’s platform here.

Support on Proprietary Tool Creation

We worked with the team to create a their Listings Brochure Builder™. Take an MLS#, paste in the builder, produce a customizable listings brochure within each customers branded brochure within 10 seconds. This is the power of web tools. Providing their customers with industry tools to manage their brand and optimize time is Realty Brands™ speciality. We aided them in delivery.

Great Tools, Great Presentation

We aided the Realty Brands™ team in the creation and brand consultation of their front-facing, sales site. The simplicity of other cloud-based, online web apps was consulted as we dreamed with them to create a presentation of their unique idea for the real estate industry.

Brand Iconography

We consulted on the execution of the brand identity with a strong iconography to permeate the site. Industry specific icons developed for brand cohesion. Supportive theme icons for feature communication. All for optimal communication strength on the desktop and responsive, mobile-first web design.

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