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Dance Productions Unlimited (DPU) is celebrating their 40th year guiding students on their dance journeys. DPU has many programs to suite dancer’s needs that including recreational dance, competitive dance, performance dance, and teaching opportunities. They are a premiere dance resource in the St. Louis, MO area.

The Challenge

DPU is a 40 yr old brand. Transforming a staple in a community with new ownership and a new direction while retaining clients is difficult. Creating a distinct, meaning-driven brand identity system was going to be key. The previous web platform was very out-of-date. Seamless transition required a major, strategic overhaul with many years to come in-mind.

Our team entrenched ourselves within DPUs team. We worked with new owner Ashley Tillman and team to develop an in-depth message with new brand identity. We developed a mobile-first website with modernity in mind. The basis of all the business is on the web. This foundation was built highly custom, making class and teacher info primary, registration easy, info clear, and responsive design equipping mobile users.

A Brand with Deep Roots

DPU wanted to tell the story of more than dance moves. These moves are changing dancers from the inside out. Establishing deep roots as dancers allows flourishing from the inside out. We helped develop the full brand identity from logo mark to color palette, font selections to the slogan. “together, we dance”. The motion of the tree modeled after the motion of many dance moves, it reflects that what is poured in circles around to impact what is poured out.

Transforming a 40 Year Old Brand

The transition of brand could not have been more stark. Moving DPU forward required capturing who the brand had been within the community while telling a compelling story of who they will be for the next 40 years. Deep roots that yields deep fruit, together.



We couldn’t be happier with the service this phenomenal company provided. The team was quick, informative and personal. They were beautifully attentive to our needs, made sure we understood the process and gave our company the tools to keep our brand fresh on the web and moving forward in a positive light. Our brand was built to be unique to our mission and stands out amongst the other Dance Studios in our area. We recommend re•kreate with a 5 star rating and a huge smile!

ashley tillman

Owner • Operator

Custom Class & Teacher Module

We built a custom classes and teacher plug-in. Build a teacher, add the classes and associate with the teacher, use multi-categorization for overlapping instructors, and connect to a studio location. This system took a previously embedded PDF schedule into an interactive calendar feature with call to actions built-in. Complete with mobile-first, responsive web design.

Before the Transition

DPUs previous website was very out-of-date. The ownership change required a tremendous change on all fronts, the web being most critical as it would be the basis for all class registration and function moving forward.

After a Brand Overhaul

The new brand identity was as deeply rooted in visuals as it was in the web and info disemination. Clearing up confusing pricing structures and displaying many layers of information including a rec and company side of the businesses were key brand and web decisions involved in the overhaul.

A Platform for Teachers as Well

The custom built classes and teacher WordPress plug-in makes adding content easy but it also becomes a benefit to employees as well. An online portfolio for these teachers, we created an employment perk alongside a highly effective business management tool.

Room Rental Made Easy

Adding rooms and pricing information became extremely easy with a simple system in-line with full site design for additional revenue to be driven and managed through the web.

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