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LegacyPoint is a non-denominational, Christian church in Columbia’s First Ward with a heart for God’s diverse people. They are a grass-roots start-up church embedded in the community seeking to meet the needs of the community.

The Challenge

LegacyPoint is a mobile church without a permanent location. We were tasked with creating a recognizable brand with solid web and mobile-first tools to empower, connect, and lead a growing group of diverse congregants who vary widely in age, ethnicity, and culture. LegacyPoint needed to gain recognition and immersion in a very specific set of local neighborhoods.

Our team developed a brand identity to stand-out. By creating simple templates for outreach flyers, social media, email, and print, we helped LegacyPoint Church connect with their diverse audience. We built a digital foundation for all they do through robust but cost-effective web tools. We equipped them with functional tools that allow them to set-up all over their neighborhoods with clear signage and direction. We transform their brand so they can transform our community.

Brands on the Move

LegacyPoint needed a brand icon that captured their vision of diverse, overlapping cultures that converge for the glory of God’s heart. The brand mark need not only reflects this, but it also must be distinct in order to attract attention at the various community spaces in which the church meets. They needed something simple and modern to capture the younger generation as well as versatile enough to relate to older generations.

Connecting Door to Door

As a church in the streets for the streets, it only made sense that LegacyPoint’s canvassing efforts were door-to-door. We helped develop a door hanger campaign which allowed them to create a visual connection and memorable touch within their neighborhoods through distinct brand identity.

The team at re•kreate created a user-friendly, intuitive website that meets all of our needs. It allows our church members as well as potential guests to quickly and easily find our calendar, past sermons, “about” information, small group information, and giving platform. It is easy to gather & disseminate information from the website onto Social Media and via our email service, MailChimp.

bekah younger

Office Administrator

Empowered Vision via Web

We created a website to act as the hub for all operations, including email sign-up, sermon posting, info communication, and vision casting. As a grass-roots organization on the move, this website acts as the foundation of all they do.

Custom Sermon Plug-in

We created a custom sermon plug-in with categorization, audio and video embed. It also enables the author to insert a Bible verse simply by typing the reference and choosing a Bible translation. This plugin was created complete with mobile-first, responsive web design.

eDirectory & CRM

As a build-in to their website back-end, we provided a no-subscription-fee, editable database to manage the church’s families, contact info, notes, and more. We created a simple, editable CRM with a password protected, front-facing eDirectory as well a separate portal for staff use.

eGiving Made Easy

LegacyPoint came to us with a 3rd party eGiving solution of their choice. We helped to integrate, set-up, and brand this item.

Media that Transforms

We helped to develop visual content to pair with sermon series through print, video, social media spots, and website content.

Email & Social to Connect a Community

We built a custom sermon plug-in with categorization, audio and video embed, and a custom system to allow Bible verses to be inserted through typing the reference including your choice of Bible translation. Complete with mobile-first, responsive web design.

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