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In order to improve student proficiency in engineering professional skills, societal awareness, and global teaching competencies the Harding University engineering and education departments have initiated a long-term partnership with a primary school in northern Haiti called ―Ansamn (a Haitian Creole word meaning ―”together”)

The Challenge

Filming in a country such as Haiti is always a challenge. Little infrastructure with lots of risk. Yet, the greatest challenge was rightly capturing the beauty of the Haitian people and the “together” partnership with Harding. The key component was to highlight the engineering and educational teams approach to empowering indigenous Haitian leaders to transform their communities through the Gospel of Christ and the practical skills they possess.

The Approach

Our team became embedded within the Haitian and Harding cultures. Taking on the Harding trade knowledge and becoming learners in the Haitian culture, we sought to empower perspectives while harnessing documentary style shooting. Motion graphic title design added to fit the boldness, culture, and feel of Haiti. We worked cross-culturally and linguistically through translation.

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